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£8.00Vintage Game Accessory - Waddingtons New Games to be Played With Lexicon Circa 1930s

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Condition (used):  good/very good for age (see below) - some extremely minor edge/corner wear, general very light marks/wear/grubbiness to the cover, the pages are generally good with very light tanning throughout, otherwise very minor marks commensurate with age and use.

Identifying marks or labels etc:  "Reg No. 529991 Copyright John Waddington Ltd London and Leeds Entered at Stationers' Hall February 8th 1935".

Other information:  good game accessory, edited by Alex T Hasler - these formed part of the Lexicon set in pre-war editions  "A book of variants, published by Waddingtons in 1935 or so. They had had great success with selling the game, they decided the market would like more variety. In effect, in modern terms, this book is an expansion as it adds lots of new rules that will need different strategy" - Source:
- we are uncertain as to its exact age but would suggest circa mid - late 1930s judging from the registration dates - may be of some interest to a collector.

Approximate dimensions:   9cm (length), 6cm (width).

Approximate weight:  less than 50g.

Price £8.

Approximate Condition Descriptors

Poor:  May have many faults, blemishes and defects. Suitable for spares or restoration.
Fair:  May have a few faults, blemishes and defects but generally sound.
Good:  May have a few very minor blemishes.
Very Good: Generally in good condition with only a few very minor signs of wear.
Excellent: Near mint to mint condition.

Vintage Game Accessory - Waddingtons New Games to be Played With Lexicon Circa 1930s - £8.00