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£14.00Vintage Game - Journet RJ Series Dexterity Puzzle # 97 - The Pondsnag - England

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Condition (used): fair for age (see below) – general moderate marks / wear / grubbiness / discolouration etc including a little wear to the paper outer layer, tape around the edges of the glass, some minor edge/corner wear to the outer paper layer, otherwise minor marks commensurate with age and use.

Identifying Marks & Labels etc:  "12592  Made By R Journet & Co London England”.

Other Information: interesting old and fairly rare puzzle constructed in card, wood and glass (later versions were made with plastic), "Robert Journet started in business with a toy shop in 1878 at 201a Harrow Road, Paddington, London. His father made the first Journet dexterity puzzles in the early 1890s.  Journet’s puzzles sold primarily in England until 1918. That year the company had a booth at the British Industrial Fair and secured a number of orders from American buyers which enabled them to expand into the United States market. Robert Journet died in the 1930’s and his son Frederick continued to expand the company until taken over by Abbey Corinthian Games in 1965. Production ceased in the 1970’s.  The 1920s through to the 1950s was the golden age of dexterity puzzles. The puzzles used to have a list on their backs, starting at 50, assigning name and number but this was replaced with an alliterative advertising slogan. Different colour versions of many of the puzzles are available, as well as variants with different numbers of balls and even mercury instead of balls." Source: maplewellhallmuseum, we are not entirely sure of the age but would suggest circa 1930s to 1940s - may be of some interest to a collector.

Approximate dimensions:    13cm (length) 10.5cm (width) 2cm (height).

Approximate Weight: 140g.

Price   £14. 

Approximate Condition Descriptors

Poor:  May have many faults, blemishes and defects. Suitable for spares or restoration.
Fair:  May have a few faults, blemishes and defects but generally sound.
Good:   May have a few very minor blemishes.
Very Good: Generally in good condition with only a few very minor signs of wear.
Excellent:  Near mint to mint condition.

Vintage Game - Journet RJ Series Dexterity Puzzle # 97 - The Pondsnag - England - £14.00