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£5.00Dolls House DIY/Craft Materials - Two Tubes Of Craft Beads - BNIP

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Condition (unused): excellent for age (see below) - unused ex-shop stock in original packs.

Identifying marks or labels etc:  "CT25-9 Lustre Glass Bead Cream Mixed" and "24g Gütermann stifte 7mm gredreht P 7738040...Col 1870 Packed In Spain".

Other information:  one tube of Boyes mixed lustre glass cream beads and one of Gutermann Stifte 7mm hollow golden beads - not at all sure what the little ones are for but seem to be attractive, shiny golden coloured, twisted hollow tubes made presumably of plastic - may be of some interest to a collector.

Approximate dimensions:   15cm (longest tube length).

Approximate weight: 58g.

Price £5. 

Approximate Condition Descriptors

Poor:  May have many faults, blemishes and defects. Suitable for spares or restoration.

Fair:  May have a few faults, blemishes and defects but generally sound.

Good:  May have a few very minor blemishes.

Very Good: Generally in good condition with only a few very minor signs of wear.

Excellent:  Near mint to mint condition.
Dolls House DIY/Craft Materials - Two Tubes Of Craft Beads - BNIP - £5.00