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£16.00Vintage Game - Peter Pan Playthings Bobs (Monkhouse) Full House - England Circa 1985

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Condition (used):  generally fair/good for age in fair/good box (see below) - believed to be COMPLETE - there was some confusion concerning the "Plastic Base" described in the contents list but after extensive research it turns out that by this they mean the red plastic inner tray - this game includes the following elements: 1 Golden Card Gameboard; 6 wipe-off crayons; 6 Bingo cards; 1 Golden Planner; 6 Monkhouse Mastercards; 9 Prize Cards; 1 General Subjects Book; 1 Special Subjects Book (including cheques and scoresheets); 1 instructions leaflet - the box is slightly worn with some minor edge/corner wear, light to moderate wear / marks / grubbiness / discolouration etc including one slightly damaged corner to the lid and another corner with more significant corner wear, the crayons are all well used and one is snapped, the Golden Card and the Bingo cards all have crayon marks, one of the Prize cards is slightly damaged, in the Special Subject book three of the cheques have been cut along their perforations but not removed from the book, 8 of the score sheets are completed in pencil and the three separated cheques have the year marked in pencil, the instructions leaflet is good with minor very minor wear, otherwise minor marks / grubbiness commensurate with age and use.

Identifying marks or labels etc:  "Made In England By Peter Pan Playthings Ltd... © 1985" (box).

Other information:  an interesting game from Peter Pan based on the popular TV programme - this item dates to on or around the copyright date of 1985 - may be of some interest to a collector.

Approximate dimensions:   box: 37cm (length) 29.5cm (width) 5cm (height).

Approximate weight:   640g.

Price £16.

Approximate Condition Descriptors

Poor:  May have many faults, blemishes and defects. Suitable for spares or restoration.
Fair:  May have a few faults, blemishes and defects but generally sound.
Good:  May have a few very minor blemishes.
Very Good: Generally in good condition with only a few very minor signs of wear.
Excellent: Near mint to mint condition.

Vintage Game - Peter Pan Playthings Bobs (Monkhouse) Full House - England Circa 1985 - £16.00