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£30.00Vintage Photography - Voigtlander Brillant Box Camera & Case - Germany Circa 1932

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Condition (used): generally fair for age in barely fair leather case(see below) - UNTESTED and SOLD AS FOUND - there are a number of small marks / blemishes / rubs etc throughout including some patches of minor surface corrosion, some minor paint loss, slight grubbiness, ink name and address of a former owner to the inside of flap on the case and the clasp is damaged with one half missing, otherwise fairly minor marks commensurate with age and use.

Identifying Marks & Labels etc:    "Voigtländer Brillant Geramny".

Other Information:  an interesting camera by Voigtländer  "Voigtländer Brillant is a series of pseudo TLR and true TLR cameras taking 6x6cm exposures on roll 120 film, made by Voigtländer & Sohn AG, Braunschweig, Germany and produced between 1932-1951. The first Voigtländer Brillant was released in 1932. This early model resembles a TLR but it is functionally closer to a box camera, since it cannot be focused in the viewfinder. It uses 'zone-focusing' for which one has to estimate the distance to the subject. To assist this estimate, three situations are marked around the taking lens: Porträt, Gruppe and Landschaft (i. e. Portrait, Group and Landscape). While TLRs of the same period have a rather dim ground-glass viewfinder, the Brillant has a so-called brilliant finder made of plain glass." Source:, we are not entirely sure of the exact age but would suggest circa 1932 to 1960s.

Approximate Dimensions:   case: 8.5cm (length) 9.5cm (width) 12.5cm (height).

Approximate Weight:  662g.

Price:  £30.

Approximate Condition Descriptors

Poor:  May have many faults, blemishes and defects. Suitable for spares or restoration.
Fair:  May have a few faults, blemishes and defects but generally sound.
Good:   May have a few very minor blemishes.
Very Good: Generally in good condition with only a few very minor signs of wear.
Excellent:  Near mint to mint condition.
Vintage Photography - Voigtlander Brillant Box Camera & Case - Germany Circa 1932 - £30.00